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Thank You, Supporters!

Founding Corporate Sponsors
Thank you to all of the companies that sponsored Gather For Good!

Callahan’s Carpet One
Hartville Hardware

Founding Supporters – Individuals and Families

Jackie and Tom Alexander

Laura Austin

Catherine and Don Barker

Joanne Baron

Emily, Terrence, and Blake Bradley

Kathy and Eric Brownlee

Chris Black

Kyle and Courtney Black

Katie and Andy Black

Kelly, Sam, Amelia, and Anthony Black

Mike and Shelli Black

Sean Black

Alena Bower

Mary and Rob Brown

Janice Brownlee

Bernadette and Dick Charles

Marsha Collova

Tracy Cook

Shanda Cooper

Seana Dailey

Kathryn Dann

Mary Davis

Stephanie Davis

Virginia Day

Alice and Chuck Ferrell

Ron and Arlene Fusco

Linda Green

Monica Hilmer

Donna Holcomb

Tyler, Lizzie, Jack, and Mila Jones

Cortney and Andy Kurowski

Janice Lampert

Erin, Brian, Siena, and Kate Maley

Michael and Lucy Mang

Nick Mang

Peter and Katie Mang

Glen Matthews

Michelle Miller and Family

Michael and Kathleen Menkes

Colleen Mitchell

Ashley Molignoni

Kimberly and Lee Morgan

Eileen Noonan

Antonella, Mike, Declan, and Cormac O’Brien

Liv Passe

Allie Purcell and Collin Kelley

Dave and Donna Purcell

David and Marisa Purcell

Jeff and Teresa Purcell

Mike and Kathy Ray

Jeanne Regnante

Kris Ritter

Marcy Schulman

Melissa Shelton

Daniel and Ewa Sirk

David and Susan Stamy

Marie and Jerome Stenger

David and Suzanne Taylor

Nancy Udelson

Emily Updegraff

Julie and Logan Wilson

Linda Wolfe

Founding Supporters – Raffle Sponsors & In-kind Donors

Laura Austin
Courtney and Kyle Black
Katie and Andy Black
Mike and Kathy Black
Emily and Terrence Bradley
Janice Brownlee
Bernadette and Dick Charles
Columbus Running Company
Comida Restaurant
Dontino’s Restaurant
Fairfield Inn & Suites Gaylord
Gordon’s Food Service
Gracey Lane
Lakes of North Golf Course
Linda and Rich Green
Gaylord Golf Club
Hartville Hardware
Hoban High School
Frank and Heidi Maltempi
Mike and Lucy Mang
Katie and Peter Mang
Kathy and Mike Menkes
Colleen Mitchell
Dave and Marisa Purcell
Dave and Donna Purcell
Dee and Jim West

Your Support Makes a Difference

 Financial hardships in cancer patients may lead to worse
healthcare outcomes, such as increased symptoms, lower quality of life, less satisfaction with
care and higher risk of dying.

The entire family of the patient is impacted, with caregivers and children experiencing a lower
quality of life and sacrificing their own expenses such as healthcare needs. Providing this
financial assistance will not eliminate financial hardship, it can help alleviate some of the short-
term and long-term hardships.